Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Building an open and inclusive organizational culture. Advisory and consulting support in implementing diversity management strategies and projects.

D&I Scanning

When you expect support in achieving specific outcomes for your projects.

D&I Overview

When you expect support in achieving specific outcomes for your projects.

Continuous advisory support

When you need a reliable partner for consistently implementing D&I strategies


Expert actions in crisis situations

Project support

When you expect support in achieving specific outcomes for your projects (e.g., organizing Diversity Week, developing anti-discrimination policies, increasing participation of underrepresented groups).

Consultations with experts

Consultations with experts on all diversity management topics

Building an organizational culture that is open to diversity and acquire the benefits of diversity is a challenge that simply pays off for business .

We see this through the outcomes of our efforts, which are focused on strategically supporting companies in creating an inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and safe work environment. This environment rewards with higher productivity, greater innovation, engagement, and flexibility, improved conflict resolution, better alignment with customer needs, and easier access to talent in the job market. Do we know how to help businesses in conscious, systematic diversity management? Yes! Below, we outline how advisory and consulting actions can assist in creating systemic, sustainable solutions in diversity management.

Experience, benchmarking, and expert knowledge matter.

Diversity management is more than just an idea. It’s broad and complex knowledge.

If we treat diversity management as a strategic process aimed at bringing about real and lasting change, we must approach it with due seriousness. There are no shortcuts here. Good intentions and sincere commitment are not enough. Deep expertise is needed to see the big picture and all opportunities and risks. Potential missteps can have significant reputational and implementation consequences. They can even undermine the entire good idea of building an open and inclusive company.

We systematically build such expertise at Diversity Hub, leveraging the best experts in various dimensions of diversity (interculturality, gender and gender balance, disability, age and generations, mental health, LGBTQ+, etc.), and in cross-cutting areas (unconscious bias and prejudices, discrimination, bullying, inclusive leadership, business case, caregiving roles, conflict management). We specialize in developing strategies and action plans, transformation, change management, knowledge management, as well as in topics such as recruitment, assessment and promotions, and Employer Branding. We work with experienced subject matter experts, as well as facilitators and researchers from diverse cultures, operating in nine languages.

Effective implementation of Diversity and Inclusion policies requires knowledge of the market and an experienced partner.

Expert knowledge alone in the field of Diversity & Inclusion is not everything. Experience and a good benchmark are important. As Diversity Hub, we have supported over 100 significant brands – through advisory, research, consulting, and training. We conduct our own market research and development projects, gather best practices and case studies, and lead the European Diversity and Inclusion Network, through which we expand our implementation efforts across the region. We are deeply rooted in the market and understand it well. We have hundreds of examples of what works and examples of ‘what doesn’t work’. It’s a wealth of experience that can’t be found in books.

t’s easy to verify by asking for recommendations from companies that have worked with us. We often deal with sensitive topics that do not allow for publishing references on our website. However, we always provide direct contacts to individuals responsible for these actions within the companies. It’s too important a topic to base decisions solely on declarations. Ask us about our experience.

Who do we advise in diversity management? Who needs support in Diversity & Inclusion Management?

Boards and individuals responsible for strategy

The board and top management need data and solutions to strategically plan and manage diversity management actions, set and cascade goals, and measure outcomes. Sometimes we can plan actions together without clear constraints; other times, we need to fill global policies with content at the local level. Sometimes we plan comprehensive strategies, other times action plans on selected topics such as disability, interculturality, recruitment, or promotions, etc.

Individuals / teams responsible for diversity management

Diversity teams, D&I teams, HR, Diversity and Inclusion Champions/Ambassadors—individuals or teams responsible for operational diversity management are often our first point of contact. Together, we prepare plans and business cases for boards, jointly implement daily projects and activities, provide daily consulting / intervention support in problem solving (D&I Support), and ensure the development of individuals responsible for diversity management (training for D&I leaders, access to our know-how, exchange of best practices in D&I Task Forces, best practices and benchmarks at conferences, etc.).

Leaders of employee networks

Employee networks, commonly referred to as ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), BRGs (Business Resource Groups), or networks, are internal groups voluntarily created and led by employees within companies. They have been an integral part of the corporate landscape for many years, serving various purposes including aiming to support the processes of building a culture of diversity and inclusion in business (e.g., Pride networks, Cultural Awareness groups, Women Networks, Parenting networks, etc.).

Their leaders often face numerous challenges related to the effectiveness of their initiatives, engagement, network management, etc. They are so important that we have created an entire separate program for them (Grassrooter Era). We also support them through consulting and implementation in their activities—from establishing the network and outlining its strategy and action plan to supporting the achievement of their goals.

Managers and line managers

Inclusion happens at the team level. It depends on the behavior of the leaders of individual teams whether the culture of openness will be authentic.

One of the foundations is, of course, training managers and collaborating in cascading diversity management goals. At the same time, our experience shows how important it is to provide consulting support in daily problems (e.g., strong cultural differences within the team, significant age diversity, etc.), interventions in case of team conflicts, and situations of suspected unequal treatment/discrimination/bullying.

What are effective methods of advisory and consultation in the area of diversity management?

Advisory actions in the area of diversity should be tailored to the goal, needs, and development stage of the company (experience in diversity management), the needs of those receiving support, the context (some issues are very delicate, some very urgent, etc.), as well as the real capabilities of the organization. At Diversity Hub, we understand that advisory, consulting, and research support must be, above all, effective.

The support we provide is diverse in nature and takes the following forms:

Project support

When you expect support in achieving specific outcomes for your projects (e.g., developing a strategy, organizing Diversity Week, drafting anti-discrimination policies).

Continuous advisory support (D&I Support)

This is a comprehensive service for companies that need a reliable partner for consistent implementation of their strategies, building D&I team competencies, and ensuring coherence across group-level actions;


Expert interventions in crisis situations (bullying, discrimination, mental health crises), conducted directly with teams experiencing crises.

Expert consultations (on demand / ad hoc)

In all diversity management topics – for boards, HR, D&I / wellbeing / CSR / Employer Branding / safety / compliance teams; for leaders of employee networks; for managers.

Traditional and online support. Proprietary tools, know-how, and solutions.

We carry out all activities in both traditional (in-person at the company) and online formats. During projects, we utilize proprietary diagnostic tools (e.g., D&I Scanning), our proven methodologies, and technological solutions (e.g., our own research platform).

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