Our Services

Empowerment of DEI teams

We strengthen individuals and DEI teams through mentoring, facilitation, and training. We support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at every stage of their evolution.

Building and developing DE&I teams and employee networks

We will help you create an ecosystem that fosters employee engagement in building a culture of diversity and inclusion.

  • Build or strengthen DEI teams with us, develop DEI leaders, ambassadors networks, and ERGs.
    We support the process of building DEI teams or reshaping existing team activities.

  • Focus on leaders. Our ERG Center supports the creation and development of employee networks as well as ERG Leaders’ competencies.

  • Full spectrum of consultations. We provide consulting support to individuals responsible for DEI in organizations, offering advice in challenging situations.

Our advantages

Why should you trust us?

We are backed by numbers and experience… and above all, by people.


We have helped build over 20 DE&I Teams in various types of organizations.

ERGs Center

We have opened our own ERGs Center (www.ergscenter.com) to better support network structures.


We have helped launch several dozen employee network groups.

We help grow your business through diversity.

Benefit from our advisory services, events, and trainings. If you’re unsure where to start, let’s talk.