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Make the most of diversity.
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We train, explore, plan, consult, implement, and celebrate.
We are with you – as DE&I practitioners – at every stage of your business.

Trainings, workshops, and webinars

We will develop your teams’ competencies for the benefit of your business. At every level of DE&I initiatives.

Education is the foundation of our offer. We provide you with over 48 DE&I experts. We will help at every level of activity, from introductory DE&I programs to advanced leadership or training programs.

Our trainings help create a more open, inclusive, and diverse work environment, which can directly translate into the success of your business.


We collaborate or have collaborated with over 180 different companies, operating in virtually every sector.


Each year, we organize over 500 trainings and webinars.

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We work with teams from around the world, at all levels, from entry-level to executive.


Our team consists of over 48 experts in DEI and related fields. We can meet any challenge.

Developing DE&I Strategies and Action Plans

We will help you systematically direct your DE&I efforts.
and achieve business goals.

Together, we will find the way to achieve your DE&I goals – by developing a strategy, action plan, and roadmap.

We support in creating a thoughtful DE&I strategy/action plans – based on evidence-based analysis of your organization’s DE&I maturity and aligned with your business goals, and assist in their implementation.

DE&I research and audits

Conduct research and audits with us that will allow you to understand your organization well, take effective evidence-based actions, and monitor your progress.

We assess the DE&I maturity of organizations using our proprietary model and research tools.

We help identify strengths and weaknesses, trends, and signals that guide DE&I actions. We help develop KPIs and monitoring tools.

We help grow your business through diversity.

Take advantage of our advisory services, events, and trainings.  If you’re unsure where to start, let’s talk.

Empowerment of DE&I teams

We will help create a sustainable internal structure supporting DE&I. Build or strengthen DE&I teams with us, DE&I leaders, ambassador networks, and ERGs.

We support the process of building DE&I teams or reshaping existing team efforts.

Our ERG Center supports the creation and development of employee networks as well as ERG Leaders’ competencies. We provide consultancy support to DE&I leaders in organizations, advising on challenging situations.

Communication and branding

We execute communication, branding, and event activities to build a cohesive DE&I brand and narrative. We ensure visibility for your DE&I initiatives and create engaging events.

Let’s collaborate on DE&I events (Pride Month, DE&I Week) and ensure promoting your company as DE&I inclusive.

We help build engaging, inspiring, multidimensional internal events (such as Diversity Week, Pride Month, Disability Weeks).

Interventions and consulting

We resolve crisis situations related to DE&I. We conduct expert interventions in difficult situations.

We provide legal, psychological, and mediation consulting in crisis situations arising from DE&I issues.

We help you resolve problems and challenges rooted in DE&I, such as team conflicts, discrimination, bullying, and psychological crises.

We help grow your business through diversity.

Benefit from our advisory services, events, and trainings. If you’re unsure where to start, let’s talk.