Our Services

DEI Research and Audits

We conduct research and audits that allow you to diagnose the work environment across integrated dimensions of DEI.

Understand your organization and take effective data-driven actions

Conduct research and audits with us to profile your organization across various DEI areas, identify meaningful steps, and monitor progress.

  • Proprietary research methods. We assess the DEI maturity of organizations using our proprietary model and research tools.

  • Based on KPIs. We help identify strengths and weaknesses, trends, and signals to guide DEI actions. We help develop KPIs and monitoring tools.
  • Holistic approach. We conduct holistic DEI studies as well as targeted research (e.g., on gender balance) and audits of communication and language (e.g., in recruitment, employer branding).
  • Advanced behavior monitoring. We conduct complex monitoring studies on negative behaviors (discrimination, bullying, etc.).

Our advantages

Why should you trust us?

We are backed by numbers and experience… and above all, by people.


We have conducted over 30 DE&I research and scanning studies.

30 thousands

In our research participated nearly 30,000 people.


Our Inclusive Language Center conducts comprehensive communication audits (e.g., in recruitment).


We have developed our own DE&I maturity analysis tool
as well as detailed models for analyzing barriers in hiring women.

We help grow your business through diversity.

Benefit from our advisory services, events, and trainings. If you’re unsure where to start, let’s talk.