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DEI Communication and Branding

We carry out communication, branding, and event activities to build a cohesive DEI brand and narrative.

With us, DEI becomes a brand in itself!

We will help you position DEI with purpose. We design and implement communication that builds DEI experience and team engagement.

  • We create communication strategies and plans that enhance the effectiveness of DEI initiatives.
    Our communication projects ensure coherence and authenticity of messaging, reflecting the language and culture of the organization.

  • We organize DEI celebration events such as DEI Week, Diversity Month, providing a comprehensive and personalized program of events along with communication strategies.

  • We are building a communication comfort for individuals and teams supporting DEI in the company.
    We enhance their communication profile. We are preparing for a performance, a conversation, a debate, an interview. DEI communication is a skill that we will help you develop.

  • We build diverse communication tools and products, such as internal newsletters, posts, case studies, articles, and communication manuals. We support in content creation.

  • We build visibility for your DEI initiatives externally using our platforms, communication channels, key projects, and partnerships.

Our advantages

Why should you trust us?

Behind us are numbers and experience, but above all, people!

8 years

For 8 years, we have been organizing the largest business DE&I conference in Central and Eastern Europe (1500+ attendees, 50+ presentations per year).

Full scale

We organize engaging DE&I events –
from individual debates to year-round engaging, educational communication activities.


We have implemented global mentoring and reverse-mentoring programs.


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We help grow your business through diversity.

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