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  • We stand behind the largest DEI implementations in Poland.

  • We help achieve goals and grow business through DEI initiatives.

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We think about DEI in an integrated way and design our solutions accordingly. We understand business. We rely on data.

Research and DEI scans

We conduct research and audits that allow you to diagnose the work environment across integrated dimensions of DEI.

Developing DEI strategies and action plans

We will help you systematically align DEI efforts that are consistent with your business goals.

Trainings, workshops, webinars

We will develop the DEI competencies of your teams. We will build the DEI IQ of the entire organization, from specialists to CEOs.

Empowerment of DEI teams

We strengthen individuals and DEI teams through mentoring, facilitation, and training. We support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at every stage of their evolution.

Communication and branding

We execute communication, branding, and event activities to build a cohesive DEI brand and narrative.

Interventions and consulting

We consult and resolve crisis situations related to DEI. We conduct expert interventions.

These are just the key areas where we operate. See what else we can do for you.

About us

Diversity Hub – why it’s worth working with us?

We have comprehensive knowledge, we inspire, and navigate through change.

We are leaders in the DEI field.

We can address multifaceted challenges.

We operate systematically, synergistically, and strategically.

Our solutions will support you at every stage of DEI development in your organization.

We deliver knowledge, experience, and best practices

Our business experience, expert knowledge, and research capabilities will help you effectively manage DEI in your organization.

Change with us is effective and safe.

Building a DEI culture is a significant endeavor, but we’ll help you take meaningful and effective steps without revolution.

“TOGETHER” is our core value

We ensure that everyone can find a space in Diversity Hub for open conversation, inspiration, knowledge exchange, and sharing experiences.

We create a shared, open space

We create a collaboration platform, build a learning community, and integrate the environment.

These are just the main areas where we operate. Discover the world of DEI with us.


Key initiatives of Diversity Hub

We gather an active community of experts and practitioners. We meet, exchange experiences, and learn from each other. Join our initiatives.

Our mission

D&I Changemakers Conference 2023

The largest and most important DE&I conference for business in Central and Eastern Europe!

We’ve completed another, already the eighth edition of the conference dedicated entirely to diversity and inclusion in a systemic approach. This event is where professionals and practitioners of DEI take center stage.

Diversity Hub Breakfasts

Diversity Hub Breakfasts are a series of educational and networking meetings in collaboration with our business Partners. We discuss and learn from each other. Here, the expert’s voice meets the business voice. We strengthen the business community in the DE&I area through collaborative problem-solving and sharing best practices.

ERG Center

We have opened our own ERG Center – an innovative project focused on creating and supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in companies. The Center sends a clear message that diversity is not just a slogan but a present reality in both personal and professional life.

Individuals with disabilities in the workplace

A project aimed at creating a professional environment where every employee, regardless of their abilities and capabilities, can play an active role. We focus on creating an inclusive environment where individuals with various types of disabilities have the opportunity for full participation and professional development.

These are just some of our projects and initiatives.


Knowledge, tools, and best practices

For us, DE&I is a competency. With us, you can know more, understand better, and act more effectively.

[PL] Zarządzanie różnorodnością w bizne…

Książka jest zbiorem artykułów, które zostały opublikowane przez Diversity Hub w magazynie Personel Plus. Nie jest ona podręcznikiem, lecz w swym założeniu materiałem, który ma inspirować i pokazywać konkretne rozwiązania oparte o doświadczenia biznesu.

[EN] The Essentials of Diversity & Inclusion Manag…

Książka jest zbiorem artykułów opublikowanych przez ekspertów Diversity Hub. Nie jest to przewodnik – zamiast tego chcieliśmy, aby był czymś, co zainspiruje Cię i pokaże konkretne rozwiązania oparte na rzeczywistych doświadczeniach w świecie biznesu. Publikacja jest dostępna w języku angielskim.

[EN] ERG Playbook

Jak założyć i skutecznie zarządzać ERG?

Jesteś nowym liderem ERG na początku swojej drogi? A może planujesz założyć sieć pracowników? Ten podręcznik poprowadzi Cię przez wszystko, co musisz wiedzieć, aby przygotować swoją grupę do sukcesu. Publikacja jest dostępna w języku angielskim.

Best practices for business

From the very beginning of Diversity Hub, we have held a deep belief that business is highly open to sharing knowledge, collaborating on solutions, and learning from mistakes..

We help grow your business through diversity.

Take advantage of our advisory services, events, and trainings. If you’re unsure where to start, let’s just talk.