Jak reagować na niestosowne żarty i mikroagresje w codziennej komunikacji?

How do we unintentionally communicate negative or hostile messages based on the people’s marginalized identities through language? How might microaggressions show up in the workplace context?

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D&I Changemakers Conference 2021

For the past 6 years, we have been setting the trends and sharing best-practice under the D&I Changemakers brand. We stand for premium knowledge, fresh inspirations and insightful forecasts based on research and practical experience.Clear, well-presented and inspiring content are among our event’s key advantages.

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Pre-conference expert debate: D&I Overkill – when your organization says ‘Enough!

In our second expert debate (November 18th), ahead of D&I Changemakers Conference 2021, we pose another important question: Is it possible to “overdose” D&I in your company, what happens if you do and when “too much” is less about quantity than quality.

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Pre-conference expert debate: The cost of D&I ignorance, and why it’s not about HR only.

Ahead of our 1-3 December conference, we give you two crispy expert debates with people who represent D&I theory and implementation at its most impactful. And we start with a fundamental question: Can businesses afford to ignore D&I?

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